VeraData provides a comprehensive suite of services and solutions to our clients, bringing together the best people and the best high performance technology to help you utilize your and our data resources in ways previously unimaginable.

We are fluent with best practices, including the latest algorithms and trends in search, social media, mobile advertising and placement to help you expand your digital footprint and achieve results.


We provide various levels of service to midsize businesses and non-profits, as well as Fortune 500 companies.


Our professionally managed programs include:

  • An omni-channel strategist, an omni-channel account manager, a digital marketing specialist and use of our data sciences and data engineering teams.
  • Offline and online data blending combined with advanced modeling and analytics techniques.
  • Custom audience development.
  • Strategy, planning and execution of campaigns across all the major online ad networks/exchanges.
  • Custom reporting and analysis.
  • Seamless integration with your employees/partners/vendors.


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