About Us

VeraData is a decision sciences laboratory. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best data-driven prescriptions to achieve their marketing performance goals.  The core of our organization is based on deep analytic capability coupled with industry experience and leadership.


Internally, we warehouse terabytes of omni-channel behavioral, transactional, demographic, psychographic and attitudinal data.  Our vertical database and GPU supercomputing infrastructure enables us to build highly complex machine learning models using millions of combinations of data points to determine your best prospect right now, for the product/offer – through the right channel, with a prescribed engagement message.


Ancillary to this analytic core, VeraData provides a suite of online and offline direct marketing solutions, with all data driven through our analytic engine. As a Google Certified Partner, our teams consist of multiple Google Certified Professionals in various disciplines (SEM, SEO, Display, Contextual, PLA, Retargeting, Coordinated Display, Email, Social, Content Marketing ).


We have built, from the ground up, our industries’ most innovative predictive/prescriptive marketing engine…leveraging machine learning tools (think IBM’s ‘Watson’) to deliver the most efficient direct marketing solutions.


As a result of this innovative, omni-channel technology and solution set, we provide a variety of sliding scale, performance-based services to make it easier for organizations to engage with our company.


Let VeraData analyze and prescribe the solution to meet and exceed your direct marketing goals.


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